Triple-c has more than 30 years of experience in the field of plastic injection molding, we are This concerns both technical semi-finished products with small tolerances, complex design and high dimensional stability as well as visible products where high demands are placed on color, gloss and surface structure. We are able to process all thermoplastics from standard materials to the "exotics". The raw materials are transported to drying units via a closed transport system and then to the desired machine.

Our machinery consists of 10 injection molding machines with a closing force of 50 to 650 tons. In addition, Wicro Plastics has a flexibly deployable gas injection station and various possibilities to provide products in-line with a tampon print. All machines are automated and equipped with robots, enabling unmanned production.

Our own tool shop makes it possible to carry out quick repairs and preventive maintenance of molds and tools, allowing quick switching if necessary.

part design masters

our team exist of excellent industrial designers ,engineers from large companies suchs as Philips etc

rapid prototyping servicesAt 

triple-c has many years of experience in rp services; such as cnc machining , sls, sla and 3d printing

assembly and painting In china plastic parts are almost similair in cost as in europe but when, secondaire processes are necessary china is still a very good option